SAC Council Meeting


On Wednesday, Feb. 26 I had the opportunity to be the keynote speaker at the SAC (Student-Athlete Character/ Leadership) Council in Allentown PA. This was such a great audience. Every one of the kids was selected to be part of the council. They are student athletes committed to making themselves better.

Thank you Mr. Rusty Amato for the opportunity!

PS I’d attach the photo but WordPress gives me image upload issues at times. Arrggh!

Here’s a really good article about my speaking event at the Hollidaysburg/ Altoona wrestling match tomorrow (Jan. 29). I’m really excited to share my story with the young wrestlers. Come out and have some fun and support the local wrestling community!

Altoona Mirror Article – Hburg/Altoona Match

Take a few minutes and see what I’ve been up to the last several months. Fighting is not behind me, but I am working on a few new things. Looking forward to sharing what I’ve learned. Click on the link to check it out!

What’s Spaniard Up To?

Do you want to know some of the most valuable principles I’ve learned during my professional fighting career? Come find out January 29 at the Hollidaysburg/ Altoona wrestling match. I’ll be speaking prior to the varsity match (approximately 6:30-6:45). The principles I’ll share are well suited to fit the lives of young wrestlers and athletes.

Please help spread the word and support the wrestling community!


As my fighting career continues to evolve, I have formally begun to build my professional speaking career. I have learned a great deal of valuable information over the course of my career and lifetime, and I am excited to share it. My goal is to ignite positive change in the lives of those hearing my message.

This video is from a recent event in Newark, NJ at Barringer Academy. Enjoy!

Let’s Go Retro!


It’s always fun to interact with gym goers and share what I know about fitness and training. We had a blast at Retro Fitness in E. Windsor, NJ. Check it out!

Recent Interview


Do you want to know that it’s really like to be a professional fighter? It’s not all glitz and glamour. Take some time on your next commute and listen in to what it’s really like. Thanks to Brian Drury at for the interview.

Overcoming Graduation Interview

UFC Release


I was recently let go by the UFC. I was expecting the release after a dismal year in the Octagon. As with anything, I’ll take this hard lesson and learn from it. I am looking forward to the path ahead of me, wherever it may lead. Stay tuned to see what’s next. Time to make some lemonade!


I had a great time at the Retro Fitness in E. Windsor, NJ, last night. Through Jason, my friend and agent, we have formed a great relationship with Retro. These anniversary and grand opening events are the best. Lots of interaction with their members. Thanks Retro! (And soon I’ll be on the Retro Wall of Fame with Frankie Edgar, woop wop!)Retro E. Windsor

Take a walk to the cage w/ me. Here are some highlights of my walkout in Brazil. Enjoy the first hand POV and buckle up!