On Saturday, May 3, I will be participating in a charity event for the Ronald McDonald House. The RMH serves as a home away from home for sick children and parents. I recently visited the RMH in Hershey, PA, and it was a very moving experience. The amount of generosity and work that goes into running the house is extremely impressive.

I have pledged to raise $500 for the charity. If you can donate, any amount is greatly appreciated. If not, please pass on the link to as many others as possible.

Thank you for your help!


Click here to donate!

Sunday at the Gym


Here’s a little snippet of my Sunday trip to the gym. Sprints and shadowboxing. Fun times. Get a 1st person point of view; strap on your seat belt!


Precision MMA


I recently spent a few days w/ my BJJ coach Brian McLaughlin at his gym in NY. Brian has taught me an insane amount of BJJ specifically geared towards MMA. He’s got to be the most selfless coach I’ve ever met in this game. Very excited to have him as a core part of Team Spaniard.Precision

In an effort to “efficiencize” my life and training, I made some changes following my last fight. I found myself spending more time on the road than in the gym. Thanks to a variety of good people, I’ve found a nice groove.

I split my training between AMA Fight Club in NJ and Balance Studios in Philly. Thanks to Amtrak, my commute has been made much less stressful. I’m able to maximize my training while minimizing the toll (literally and figuratively) of the road. I’ve been concentrating on refining the small aspects of my game, both standup and ground work.

After a year or so of “I really want to try hot yoga”, I’ve started doing hot yoga. To say I underestimated its intensity would be an understatement. Prior to my first session, I had a nice fat fasnacht and a swiss cake roll. Bad idea. Four classes later, I ¬†am in the swing of things.

That all being said, I want to send a big THANK YOU to all of Team Spaniard. AMA, Balance, Sheetz, IAVA, Mother’s Cantina, Woot, Kranich’s, Al’s, The Summit and many more.


I recently made a trip to the Ronald McDonald house here in Hershey, PA. I got to learn a little bit about this great charity. Take a minute and listen to what’s happening at the house.




Brenneman VS Castillo



I will be doing a seminar for the guys at OC Fight Club next Friday, March 14. All are welcome. Can’t beat the price – A big price to Mother’s Cantina for making it happen!

charlie seminar flyer

Virtues of Life


I recently came across Ben Franklin’s 13 Virtues. It’s a very interesting list. Some I agree w/ more than others, but it is definitely worth a look. What virtues do you and I live by?BF 13 Virtues




Here’s a recent article from my hometown newspaper. Very well done John Hartsock!

Success at 155