Take a minute and enjoy some clips from Brazil. Aside from the loss, it was an awesome trip. Enjoy!

Part 2 coming soon…

A Rough Defeat


After six months of intense training and personal development, I felt extremely well prepared for my fight in Brazil. The universe had other plans. What started out as a great fight in my favor quickly turned into a defeat by submission. A small, but vital, technical mistake was to blame. I zigged when I should have zagged.

Having lost my last three fights in the UFC, I am in a very difficult spot. To be completely honest, I don’t know where I’m going to go. For now, I’m mentally recovering and spending the days watching my daughter Gracie.

I have also started (or continued) to work on some other ideas I have been tossing around. I am hoping to book some keynote speaking events in the near future so I can share my story and the valuable lessons I’ve learned up to this point in my career.

Another few days of relaxation and a generous diet, and then I’ll get back on the horse.

Thank you all for your continued support!


Some New Moves


I’ve been working w/ Tim Pollock for a few months now, and I’m really pumped about where we are headed. Tim is always evolving and improving our sessions. Here are a few of the recent exercises we’ve been doing. As you can see, they’re very relative to MMA.

I’ve always seen the value in being effective and efficient w/ training. Not wasting time. Not just going through the motions. Many people do certain exercises simply because they are fancy or new. Stick w/ what works. If you don’t know what works, ask and expert.

Here are a few examples of what we’ve been working on at Tim’s Personal Training…

4th of July Race


4th race bros

My family runs the 4th of July race in Altoona every year. This year, my bros and I alternated pushing Gracie and Willa (my bros baby, 1 day younger than Gracie) in the 15k race. We alternated every mile. Averaged just under 8 minute miles.

There’s nothing I enjoy more than getting home and doing things like this. It’s even cooler having Gracie be a part of it!

A month ago I started training w/ Tim Pollock at his gym, Tim’s Personal Training, in Hummelstown, PA. It had been a few years since I worked exclusively w/ a strength coach (RIP Don, miss you!), and it’s been a great experience w/ positive results. We work a mixture of interval training in 30 second bursts. We waste no time. We get in, we train hard, we get out – just the way I like it! Thanks Tim!

Here are a few quick clips from our last session, enjoy!

On Tuesday, June 24, I’ll be at Retro Fitness in Woodbridge, NJ for “Retro’s Most Fit Challenge.” These events are always a great time. Fitness challenges, a fitness class, and plenty of music and fun. If you’re ever going to make it to an event, these are the ones to attend. Mark it down, 6-9PM, Retro Fitness, Woodbridge, NJ…See you there!retro woodbridge

Come by Tiger Stadium this Saturday (June 21) to enjoy all kinds of health and fitness tips/ demos at Let’s Move Blair County. I’ll be talking all things UFC/ MMA and will also be conducting a SpaniardFit class for all ages and levels. The event runs from 10AM-1PM, and there will be all kinds of fitness experts sharing their expertise. Hope to see you all there!Let's Move

My career is a work in progress. It is in constant evolution. Finding the perfect mix of everything is not an easy task. Some fighters have it easy; they are able to find everything under one roof in nearby towns/ cities. For those of us not as fortunate, it takes a bit more work, but it’s very doable. I’ve continued my training in Philadelphia, reaching out to a few new people here and there, and I’m extremely happy w/ the results. The guys at Balance have been excellent. I’ve been experimenting w/ some new stand up guys as well. Justin Greskiewicz at Stay Fly Muay Thai and Ryan Gruhn at Central PA MMA. At this point, I’m just concerned w/ getting better and finding what is best for me. I have no competition on the horizon, so there is no pressure from any angle. I’ve also started working w/ a new strength coach near my town (Tim’s Personal Training) who has been trememdous. We’ve only had two sessions so far, but I feel very confident about our work together. I’ve lacked consistency in S&C since my former Coach Don Messing passed away. My brother was doing a great job, but w/ our conflicting schedules and distance between us, it became tough to work together consistently. Like I said, it’s a constant evolution of putting the right pieces together in the puzzle.

After my last fight, I realized that I haven’t taken a break from training/ fighting in 7 years. I take a week or two off after my fights, but then I get right back into it. I think it’ll do me a bit of good to relax and just train.

A big thanks to everyone involved in my training/ career – there’s about a million of you :)

(Photo: L to R, Myself, MMA Fighter Blaine Shutt, Tim Pollock) @ Tim’s Personal Training


Here’s a video recap of my recent trip to Retro Fit in Wayne, NJ.The fitness challenge was awesome; tons of sweat and hard work. A big thank you to Harris Masood for putting the video together, and to Mike at Impact Fitness and Jason at Way Out of the Box Marketing Concepts for putting the event together.